About Us


Sherwood Construction Solutions (SCS) is an innovation in building and issue resolution. We work under the core values of conducting business ethically, valuing all partnerships, improvement of industry standards and effective communication. SCS are in a unique position to deliver building solutions across a variety of disciplines with an extensive knowledge of the built environment and stakeholder management. We focus on safety, quality and total client satisfaction, which has resulted in a solid client base growing primarily through referrals and sustainable growth throughout the company and its departments. SCS is a progressive and dynamic company, with an exceptional team working together with our clients.


SCS has three distinct departments which provide clients with the necessary resources to achieve their objectives: Management & Client Services provides Project Management and consulting for clients, issue identification and scoping; Construction & Projects oversee construction projects and refurbishments as a Head Contractor; Maintenance and Small Works provides reliable and holistic building maintenance. The three departments are able to share resources and expertise to provide clients and the end user with spaces and projects which exceed their expectations.


From initial client design briefs, through to ongoing preventative and remedial maintenance, SCS are capable of providing services and solutions for all forms of occupied environments, including the ongoing maintenance. SCS believes this collaboration achieves the most desirable outcome for clients.

The Team

Dan Wood
With over 20 years in the construction industry, Dan holds a wealth of expertise, ranging from the practical building process to client and contract management.
Ed Muggleton
Small works & Maintenance Department Manager
Ed has 13 years experience in the industry with a range of projects including civil, residential, commercial and local government. Ed holds a Bachelor of Construction Management.
Michelle Cook
Management & Client Services Department Manager
A registered architect with a background in Construction Management & Project Management. Michelle has worked extensively with Owners Corporations managing stakeholder expectations on complex projects.
David Redgewell
Construction & Projects Department Manager
With over 50 years in the industry, David holds a wealth of knowledge in the fields of contract and project management. David has worked as general manager and finance manager.