Lonsdale Street Repairs & Rectification

Client OC c/c Vic Property
Location 208 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Scope Of Work Rectification works to facade: Repairing Structural Panels on Building
Schedule 2017

Project Detail

Predicted Cost: $2.5M   Actual Cost: $2.1M

408 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne is a 12-story medium density apartment building originally built between 1956-
1959 as an office building. It is one of the early examples of cast in-situ concrete post and beam
construction with window and brick infill found in Melbourne. In 1997-1998 the building was rezoned and redeveloped
into Student Accommodation.  The façades of the building are mainly rendered concrete, rendered brickwork, steel and aluminium
framed windows.

The building had issues mainly relating to the façade and structure; predominantly concrete/render delaminating (to split into thin layers)
from the façade, spalling, honeycombing, and concrete cancer.

SCS were engaged to supply all labour, materials and equipment for the course of the project, providing protection gantries where necessary, complying with all OH&S regulations, arranged for all statutory inspections, and paid all fees necessary for the execution of the works.

Key Scope aspects:

  • Analysis of issues and development of scope
  • Project management of rectification works

Scope undertaken:

  • Repair of all defects to rendered external façade, parapet and lintel surfaces
  • Sealing/resealing of selected joints to external elements and interfaces
  • Allow to cut out existing steel window where lintels are spalling to window frame. Replace with new aluminum framed window to match existing from external face
  • Removal of all spoil material from site
  • Supply of all repair materials and components
  • Provision of the specified Guarantees/Warranties
  • Removal and weather sealing penetrations of redundant flues, gutter upturn, flashing gap between parapets, downpipe repairs
  • Provision of access
  • Provision and maintenance of adequate public safety protection measures including hoardings;
  • Provision of Preliminaries
  • Submittals, authority approvals and permits, including for access systems and public protection systems