All Saints Church

Client Anglican Diocese
Location Footscray, Melbourne
Scope Of Work Selected construction works to address major underlying issues
Schedule 2 construction stages over 5 months

Project Detail

Predicted Cost: $450K + GST          Actual Cost: $310K + GST

Builder: Sherwood Construction Solutions     Completed: June 2016

SCS oversaw the rectification of a small church in Footscray as the Construction Manager. The church had been built in the 1950s, and was in need of repair to the unique trafficable geometric roof.  Therefore soil stabilisation was required to the main church and waterproofing of the flat sections of the concrete roof. The project expanded to include repairs to the community hall next door, which had been placed on site with no piles or stumps below it and was therefore sinking.  The building needed to be raised and correct structural footings needed to be added, with a new floor and a refurbished interior.  Rectification works of the Community Hall including restumping, removal of stage, recladding with new weatherboards, window repairs, floor polishing, installation of new disabled toilet, electrical works, re-roofing, painting and ensuring disabled access.  The Client only had $330K to spend including consultant fees. SCS delivered this project not only well underbudget, but also ahead of schedule.

Key scope aspects to the church:

  • Removing and reinstalling a UV-stable bituminous membrane to the main church roof
  • Repairing flashings and fascias to the roof

Key scope aspects to the community hall:

  • Elevating the hall and installing piles underneath
  • Removing the existing timber floor and replacing
  • Installing new bathroom facilities