Brunswick Fire Upgrade

Client MIA Property
Location Union Street, Brunswick, Melbourne
Scope Of Work Fire Services Installation
Schedule 5 months

Project Detail

Predicted Cost: $1.2M    Actual Cost: $1M

The Brunswick apartment complex is an award winning unit and town house complex that comprises of 52 dwellings built in 2008 and comprising four levels of apartments above a ground floor car park and retail spaces.  During construction the building contractor collapsed and developer managed the completion of the development. In this process the quality assurance of the construction of the complex was compromised, resulting in a final product that was an OH&S risk as well as in breach of the current building codes.  SCS conducted a thorough analysis of the completed complex and found significant water leaks in the western wall, fire penetration protection was inadequate, construction of the soffits and timber cladding were poorly applied, and rust was apparent on the structural supports.  The project therefore entailed careful management of a variety of trades, engineers, clients and residents.  The key priority was to provide a safe environment for the residents and retrofit the fire sprinklers throughout the occupied, finished building.  The project required careful planning, precise works and prompt delivery to minimise disruption to apartment occupants.  SCS handled this project on a cost-plus arrangement, completing it on time and under budget for the benefit of the client.  Working with unknown services in the building required extensive investigation and being able to work around occupants was logistically complex.

Key scope aspects include:

  • Working with fire engineer to develop best solution for client;
  • Careful, precise demolition of occupied apartments;
  • Retrofitting sprinklers to an existing complex;
  • Working around “live” apartment spaces;
  • Managing the expectations and coordinating occupants.