Integrity.  Knowledge.  Collaboration.
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Construction Projects

The Construction & Projects team undertake a variety of small and larger scale projects across multiple disciplines.  Whether it be a new build or the retrofitting of existing facilities, the team is highly skilled and experienced at delivering superior quality work.  They have worked within a variety of sectors including education, government, aged care and corporate. The department undertakes lump-sum contracts, construction management, cost-plus, and design & construct arrangements.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, which ensures projects are completed on time and on budget, with safety as our top priority.

Project Management

Our Management & Client Services department provides project management through a core group of consultants for a wide range of projects across multiple sectors. The department has close contact with a wide variety of dedicated experts and industry consultants for design, town planning, specialised engineering, permits and surveying.  We can facilitate engineered solutions and contract management for numerous projects of complexity.  The department has extensive experience in the identification and rectification of existing assets and will always ensure the best solutions for all stakeholders. 

Building Maintenance

The Small Works & Maintenance department supports completed projects and ensures buildings and their assets are maintained to their designed criteria.  Our in-house trades complete all routine maintenance, respond to urgent repair requests from tenants and undertake remedial works as needed for building movement, mould and persistent water ingress.  The team undertakes analysis of issues that arise from general building wear and tear, improper construction and incorrect installation of architectural details.  We can also provide investigative reports and documentation on aspects of building health. 

About us

We work under the core values of integrity, ethical business and maintaining positive partnerships, striving to be a driving force in the improvement of industry standards. SCS are in a unique position to deliver building solutions across a variety of disciplines with an extensive knowledge of the built environment and stakeholder management.